Welcome to the office of Dr. Duane B. Eng.  Dr. Eng is a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School class of 1986.  He is a second generation dentist who joined his father after graduation.  He has continuously studied from the masters in dentistry allowing him to provide and deliver the best Comprehensive Dental Care.

About Dr.Eng

Comprehensive dental care is about accurate diagnosis and treatment at the root level of a problem and understanding risk factors that may affect the long term stability of treatment.  Prevention is centered around controlling the risk factors!

We provide general, family, cosmetic, reconstructive, implant, and TMJ/TMD services.  An interdisciplinary approach is used if a referral is made to other specialists.

Dr. Eng’s mission statement is to provide the best dental care for optimum dental health, function, esthetics, and long-term stability in the most conservative manner.

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Duane B. Eng, D.D.S.   8022 35th Ave. N.E.   Seattle, WA  98115-4815

(206) 525-1000